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AmEnglish products are designed to increase communication skills efficiently. For example our pronunciation product focuses on stress, intonation, and rhythm because research indicates that improvement in these areas makes the biggest difference in intelligible speech. In contrast pronunciation programs that focus on individual sounds are more difficult and time consuming especially for adults.

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Programs provide hundreds of hours of self guided study material for speaking, listening, writing, reading and vocabulary development. Programs may be used in onsite labs or online on any device.

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Pronunciation in English

Learn to use the important elements of stress, intonation, and rhythm like a native speaker

Multiple levels:

  • High Beginning+
  • Intermediate+

"Pronunciation in English is an innovative, practical and learner engaging interactive program."

- Gema E. Klein M.A. TESL, University of Tennessee English Department

"The analysis and explanation of each idiom in Idioms in English is superb."

- Instructor, College of Alameda

"In addition to learning new vocabulary, it is fun to learn about different animals. The poetry helps me to remember new words easily. As an English learner, the program is valuable to me."

- K. Vo

Idioms In English

7 Volumes covering how to use hundreds of Idioms In English like a native speaker also includes extensive listening comprehension scored exercises.

Writing in English

Helps you write clear, concise, and correct English. Now available in two levels: High Beginning+, Intermediate+

Vocabulary In English

5 volumes of vocabulary development, includes poetry and natural science.

Lessons are mapped to educational standards.

Common Core Florida Standards Texas Standards

Specialized Vocabulary: Medical Terminology Training

Read Aloud eBooks

Read Aloud eBooks

27 Read Aloud E-books with Adaptive Assessment covering reading grade levels from 1-6.

Lessons are mapped to grade levels.

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The Snowy Owl

The Arctic Fox

The Cheetah

The Rockhopper Penguin

The Zebra

The Ostrich

The Wildebeest

The Osprey

The Red Fox

The Toucan

The Green Sea Turtle

The Polar Bear

The Gazelle

The Flamingo

The Barn Owl

The Bottlenose Dolphin

The Red Tailed Hawk

The King Penguin

The Red Kangaroo

The Brown Pelican

The Golden Eagle

The Red-eyed Tree Frog

The Albatross

The Peregrine Falcon

The Galápagos Tortoise

The Rhinoceros

The Blue-footed Booby

Read Aloud eBooks Smart Book Award


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